Leonora is crating clothes for over ten years. The designer started from individual orders and gradually started to create collections. Her vision is a bright, self-confident woman, shinning with elegance throughout the year. When creating clothing the designer seeks to impart the following:

  • A taste of romance. Although nowadays practicality and comfort of women’s clothing are very important, the romantic image is still liked and commonly associated with women’s clothing. Romantic women’s clothes are created by paying particular attention to details and fabrics, the form of the clothes. Although romance is commonly associated with floral patterns, even women’s clothes of pastel or darker colours can look romantic when made from natural fabrics.

  • A breath of freedom. When can a woman feel free? When she can stop thinking about the clothes she is wearing. Women’s clothes created by Leonora make you feel comfortable, free, but beautiful and elegant at the same time. The designer pays particular attention so that women’s clothing would help express the personality of the wearer. Women can only feel actually confident when the can choose the clothes they like.

  • A play of colours. Women’s clothes can be classical – black, white or grey, but the colour palette does not end there. Not only the colour of the piece of clothing is important, but the form, details, and harmony with other clothes as well. More interesting women’s clothes are created by combining several colours, choosing varied patters and creating contrast. The colours and textures of clothes depend on the season, although generally Leonora creates clothing designs by taking global fashion trends into account.

  • An elegant harmony. Leonora women’s clothes – skirts, blouses, coats, dresses – help express the glamour of women. Tasteful, elegant clothing combinations help express the personality. Elegant clothes are suitable for various occasions, but can also be worn every-day.

The designer’s clothing collections are designed for women who like exclusivity. The clothes are made in small quantities, or one-off clothes can be made for women, who want to be truly unique.